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A Man of Courage in an Inhuman Time
Berthold Beitz in the Third Reich
Bernd Schmalhausen
18 $
At the Mercy of Strangers
The Rescue of Hidden Jewish Children in Poland
Nachum Bogner
43.5 $
Belgium and the Holocaust
Jews, Belgians, Germans
Edited by Dan Michman
43.5 $
Chelmno: A Small Village in Europe
The First Nazi Mass Extermination Camp
Shmuel Krakowski
36 $
Conscripted Slaves
Hungarian Jewish Forced Laborers on the Eastern Fr ...
Robert Rozett
43.5 $
Days of Ruin
The Jews of Munkacs during the Holocaust
Raz Segal
24 $
Denunciation and Rescue
Dutch Society and the Holocaust
Pinchas Bar-Efrat
43.5 $
Displaced Persons at Home
Refugees in the Fabric of Jewish Life in Warsaw, S ...
Lea Prais
43.5 $
Dividing Hearts
The Removal of Jewish Children from Gentile Famili ...
Emunah Nachmany Gafny
43.5 $
Emanuel Ringelblum
The Man and the Historian
Edited by Israel Gutman
24 $
Europe in the Eyes of Survivors o ...
Editors: Zeev Mankowitz, David Weinberg, Sharon Kangi ...
43.5 $
Expulsion and Extermination
Holocaust Testimonials from Provincial Lithuania
David Bankier
43.5 $

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