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“And God Saw that it was Bad…”
Otto Weiss | Editor: Ruth Bondy
21 $
After so much Pain and Anguish
First Letters after Liberation
Editors: Robert Rozett, Iael Nidam-Orvieto
36 $
Dancing on a Powder Keg
Letters from 1933-1944, Poems from Theresienstadt
Ilse Weber
27 $
Documents on the Holocaust
Selected Sources on the Destruction of the Jews of ...
Editors: Yitzhak Arad, Israel Gutman, Abraham Margaliot
27 $
Last Letters from the Shoah
Edited by Walter Zwi Bacharach
36 $
Postcards to a Little Boy
A Kindertransport Story
Henry Foner (Heinz Lichtwitz)
36 $
The Gurs Haggadah
Passover in Perdition
Editors: Bella Gutterman and Naomi Morgenstern
21 $
The Wolfsberg Machzor 5705
Wolfsberg Labor Camp, Germany, 1944
Editors: Bella Gutterman and Naomi Morgenstern
21 $
To be a Jew in Berlin
The Letters of Hermann Samter, 1939-1943
Edited by Daniel Fraenkel
21 $
To Pour out my Bitter Soul
Letters of Jews from the USSR 1941-1945
Edited by Arkadi Zeltser
36 $
To Tommy, for his Third Birthday in Theresienstadt ...
Written and Illustrated by Bedřich Fritta
21 $
While There's Life…
Poems from the Mittelsteine Labor Camp 1944-1945
Ruth Minsky Sender
21 $

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