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The Encyclopedia of the Righteous ...
Entire Series
Editor-in-Chief: Israel Gutman
348 $
Yad Vashem Studies
Entire Series
Edited by David Silberklang
463.2 $
“And God Saw that it was Bad…”
Otto Weiss | Editor: Ruth Bondy
21 $
17 Days in Treblinka
Daring to Resist, and Refusing to Die
Eddie Weinstein
18 $
Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
Edited by Robert Rozett and Shmuel Spector
66 $
A Man of Courage in an Inhuman Time
Berthold Beitz in the Third Reich
Bernd Schmalhausen
18 $
The John Najmann Chair of Holocaust Studies, 2003- ...
Editor: Daniella Zaidman-Mauer
10.5 $
A Physician Inside the Warsaw Ghe ...
Mordechai Lensky | Foreword by Samuel Kassow
18 $
Facts and Feelings
Dilemmas in designing the Yad Vashem Holocaust His ...
Dorit Harel | Chief Editor: Zeev Drori, Editors: Doro ...
51 $
A Hidden Diary from the Łodz ...
Heniek Fogel | Editor: Helene Sinnreich
18 $
After so much Pain and Anguish
First Letters after Liberation
Editors: Robert Rozett, Iael Nidam-Orvieto
36 $
Dokumente ueber die Verfolgung de ...
Sauer Paul
110 $

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