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Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Survivors Memoirs Project, with the World Federation of Bergen-Belsen Associations assistance, have embarked on a mission to publish Holocaust survivor memoirs in English. With a grant from Random House, Inc., this joint project hopes to publish several memoirs annually over the next few years. Our goal is to collect, preserve, and make available to interested readers the autobiographical accounts of Holocaust survivors.

As Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel has observed, The Holocaust must never be studied exclusively from the perspective of the perpetrators. Each survivors story is unique, and adds to our understanding of the Holocaust and the understanding of future generations.

A Physician Inside the Warsaw Ghe ...
Mordechai Lensky | Foreword by Samuel Kassow
18 $
By the Grace of Strangers
Two Boys Rescue During the Holocaust
Gabriel Mermall; Norbert Yasharoff | Foreword by Davi ...
18 $
Days of Rain
Enzo Tayar
18 $
Escaping Hell in Treblinka
Israel Cymlich; Oskar Strawczynski | Foreword by Davi ...
18 $
Fighting for Survival
E. H. (Dan) Kampelmacher | Foreword by Dan Michman
18 $
Flora, I Was But a Child
Flora M. Singer | Foreword by Martin Gilbert
18 $
Guarded by Angels
How My Father and Uncle Survived Hitler and Cheate ...
Alan Elsner | Foreword by David Cesarani
18 $
In the Shadow of Death
Joseph Foxman | Foreword by Abraham Foxman
18 $
In the Struggle
Memoirs from Grodno and the Forests
Leib Reizer | Foreword by Martin Gilbert
18 $
Locked in the Darkness
Retrieving a Hidden Girl's Identity from the Holoc ...
Sabina Heller
18 $
Memoirs of an Unfortunate Person
The Diary of Moty Stromer
Moty Stromer | Foreword by David Silberklang
18 $
On the Fields of Loneliness
Hersch Altman | Foreword by Shimon Redlich
18 $

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