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An Arduous Road
Samuel Bak: 60 Years of Creativity
Exhibition Curator and Editor: Yehudit Shendar
27 $
Double Signature
Portraits of Personalities from the Terezin Ghetto
Max Plaček | Exhibition Curator: Bella Shomer-Za ...
10.5 $
Etched Voices
The Holocaust in the Art of Contemporary Artists
Exhibition Curator: Yehudit Shendar
18 $
Flashes of Memory
Photography during the Holocaust
Head Curator: Vivian Uria
70.2 $
Last Portrait
Painting for Posterity
Exhibition Curator and Editor: Eliad Moreh-Rosenberg
36 $
My Homeland
Holocaust Survivors in Israel
Exhibition Curator and Editor: Yehudit Shendar
10.5 $
Art of the Holocaust
Editors: Irit Salmon-Livne, Ilana Guri, Yitzchak Mais
10.5 $
The Last Ghetto
Life in the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944
Editor: Michal Unger
36 $

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