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The Jews Are Coming Back
The Return of the Jews to Their Countries of Origin After WWII
Edited by David Bankier
In association with Berghahn Books
(2005) ISBN: 1-57181-527-9, Cat. No. 386
320 pp., soft cover, 16X23 cm.
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As the war ended, masses of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were traveling the roads of a decimated Europe. They had been hiding or imprisoned in concentration camps and were now free to return to their countries of origin, but they did not know what awaited them. Not only were their families and communities destroyed, but they were now forced to live together with the European perpetrators and bystanders. The articles in this volume offer new perspectives on the experiences of Holocaust survivors returning to their countries of origin after World War II. These contributions are essential to our understanding of the manner in which returning Jews were received by governments, aid organizations, and societies in general. They show that surviving Jews returning from the camps or emerging from hiding were met with distrust. After the war the survivors were once again faced with the Jewish problem. This volume is aimed at an academic audience and will be an essential read for scholars of the Holocaust. Those interested in questions of national identity will also find this collection useful as will scholars of immigration and refugee policy. [Mary McCune, History]
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