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Catalog price: $36.00
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An Arduous Road
Samuel Bak: 60 Years of Creativity
Exhibition Curator and Editor: Yehudit Shendar
Bilingual English/Hebrew edition
(2006) ISBN: 0-9764425-6-6, Cat. No. 456
104 pp., soft cover, 20X24 cm.
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Like his fellow survivors, at first Bak wrapped himself in silence, seeking to forge for himself an Israeli identity after his immigration to the country in 1948. Gradually, as his path took him across countries and continents, he shed the cloak of silence until he felt that he could no longer keep the burden locked inside. Thus began a journey of a different kind. Viewers joining the six-decade-long journey of Samuel Bak’s works, as presented in this exhibition, are presented with a multi-faceted experience – an encounter with an artist dealing head-on with the basic question of “how” underlying the language of art, with an artist debating with himself about the abstract, the figurative and the gamut between them. His varying stylistic periods reveal an artist capable of producing fine pencil drawings in the classical tradition, on the one hand, and thick, layered oil brushstrokes of pasticcio color on large canvasses. Every period reveals a little but conceals twice as much about the inner burden. The journey and burden are shaped into a single identity, which, while it may be paradigmatic, is nevertheless unique and private – the arduous road of Samuel Bak spanning sixty years of creativity.
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