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Catalog price: $24.00
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Etched Voices
The Holocaust in the Art of Contemporary Artists
Exhibition Curator: Yehudit Shendar
Bilingual English/Hebrew edition
(2006) ISBN: 965-308-272-8, Cat. No. 2728
72 pp., soft cover, 23X30 cm.
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The exhibition Etched Voices gives evidence to the work of contemporary visual artists touched by the Holocaust, both survivors and children of survivors, each generation with its own mode of representation and its form of expression. They differ from each other in the content and form of their artistic expression, but not in their ultimate purpose to touch upon the There while concurrently touching the viewer. This is the first exhibition on a museum scale devoted to Holocaust Art by contemporary artists. Its chief import, however, lies in the thread connecting what the local art scene perceives as the sole preserve of survivor creativity with mainstream Israeli art. The works by international artists act as a quasi-catalyst for weaving Holocaust Art into this tapestry.
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