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Encyclopedia of the Holocaust
Edited by Robert Rozett and Shmuel Spector
In association with the Jerusalem Publishing House
(2000) ISBN: 0-8160-4333-7, Cat. No. 295
528 pp., hard cover, 23X29 cm.
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Encyclopedia of the Holocaust is a comprehensive, authoritative reference hat provides reliable information on this ignoble episode of modern history. It features eight essays on the history of the Holocaust and its antecedents, as well as coverage of such topics as the history of European Jewry, Jewish contributions to European culture, and the rise of antisemitism and Nazism. The essays are followed by more than 300 photographs and approximately 650 entries on significant aspects of the Holocaust, including people, cities and countries, camps, resistance movements, political actions, and outcomes. In addition, there are entries on such topics as American Jewry and the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, the Holocaust in films and music, Nazi propaganda, youth movements, museums and memorials. Winner of Best Specialist Reference Work of the Year Award – Reference Reviews UK.
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