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Belgium and the Holocaust
Jews, Belgians, Germans
Edited by Dan Michman
In association with Bar-Ilan University
(1998) ISBN: 965-308-068-7, Cat. No. 223
594 pp., hard cover, 16X23 cm.
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Historical research on the Holocaust has not dealt evenly with all the Jewish communities affected by the war. The fate of the Jews in Belgium is one of those relatively neglected issues. Moreover, since what little has been published or has been written is either in Dutch or French, the material has been largely unavailable to readers outside Belgium. This volume is the first of its kind in English, and contains the updated and annotated papers presented at a conference held at Bar-Ilan University. A broad range of scholars from Belgium, France, and Israel discuss issues such as the make-up of Belgian Jewry before the war; Nazi anti-Jewish policies; attitudes of various segments of Belgian society to the Jews before, during, and after the occupation; Jewish strategies and activities for survival; reconstruction in the aftermath of war; contacts with the Yishuv in Palestine; emigration to the United States; and the policies of postwar commemoration.

“It will undoubtedly succeed in promoting knowledge and encouraging research on the Holocaust in Belgium. Michman and his colleagues have made a fundamental contribution to the historiography of the Holocaust.” [Gesher]

 “…this collection plays an important role in illuminating a country which has never been a focus of interest in Holocaust research, but which shows all the signs of becoming one in the years to come.” [Shlomo Deshen, Ha’aretz]



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