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Menachem & Fred
Thoughts and Memories of Two Brothers
Frederick Raymes and Menachem Mayer
Translator: Shulamit Berman
(2011) ISBN: 978-965-308-398-1, Cat. No. 790
270 pp., soft cover, 14X21 cm.
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New updated edition (Are the Trees in Bloom Over There?)
Two young brothers born in Germany were deported with their family to France and held in a detention camp. Their parents were transferred to Rivesaltes.Two years later they were sent to Drancy and from there to Auschwitz. The brothers were shuffled between orphanages in France and Switzerland, and eventually they were separated. After the war Fredmade his way to the United States, and Menachem came to Israel.
The film based on this book was awarded Most Inspirational Movie of the Year Award, at the Cinema for Peace, Berlin 2009.
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