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Yad Vashem Studies 40:1
Edited by David Silberklang
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Table of Contents:


Raphael Vago - Leon Volovici - In Memoriam

Rachel Feldhay Brenner - The Anatomy of Rescue: The Wartime Diary of Aurelia Wyleżyńska, 1939-1944

Jan Grabowski - Rural Society and the Jews in Hiding: Elders, Night Watches, Firefighters, Hostages and Manhunts

Joanna Tokarska-BakirAn AL Unit and Its Attitude toward Jews: The Trial of Tadeusz Maj

Laszlo Karsai - The Jewish Policy of the Szlasi Regime

Ronit Fisher - Between Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide: An Alternative Analysis of the Holocaust of Romanian Jewry

Susanne Urban - Unknown Dead: Unsettling Finds from the Archive of the International Tracing Service


Omer Bartov - Sitrah Akhrah (The Other Side): What is the Purpose of Holocaust Fiction? Reflections in the Wake of Two Historical Novels by Jonathan Littell and Steve Sem-Sandberg

Stephan Lehnstaedt - Who Will Edit Their History? The Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw and the Ringelblum Archives

Magdalena Tarnowska, ed., Życie i twórczość Geli Seksztajn (= Archiwum Ringelbluma, vol. 4); Katarzyna Person, ed., Getto warszawskie. Życie codzienne (= Archiwum Ringelbluma, vol. 5); Tadeusz Epsztein, ed., Inwentarz Archiwum Ringelbluma

Theodore R. Weeks - Grappling with an Uncomfortable Past: Recent Scholarship on the Holocaust in Poland and Lithuania

Adam Puławski, W obliczu zagłady: Rząd RP na Uchodźstwie, Delegatura Rządu RP na Kraj, ZWZ-AK wobec deportacji Żydów do obozów zagłady (1941-1942); Robert van Voren, Undigested Past: the Holocaust in Lithuania

Dimitry Shumsky - The Cracks in the Wall: Toward a Neo-crisis Paradigm of Jewish Historiography?

David Engel, Historians of the Jews and the Holocaust

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