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The End
Radom and Szydłowiec Through the Eyes of a German Photographer
Editors: Bella Gutterman and Nina Springer-Aharoni
(2013) ISBN: 978-965-308-415-5, Cat. No. 810
228 pp., hard cover, 25X28 cm.
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The photographic album of Radom and the nearby community of Szydłowiec is the work of an unknown German photographer who documented the scenes and events he had witnessed during his stay in this region, and later added short captions to the photos – the street scenes; the Jewish cemetery; the figures of the women, children and men; the suffering and the poverty of the Jews; and the exceptional and shocking scenes of the Jewish victims’ deportation as well as the looting of the property. This publication is a powerful photographic document that presents the end of two Jewish communities and reflects the fate of many other Jewish towns and villages in Poland.
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