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When the Walls Wept
The Story of Cyla (Tzila) Yoffan
A 51 minutes film (DVD)
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Cyla (Tzila) Yoffan (Dworezke) was born in 1930 into a Zionist Orthodox family in the

city of Iwje. During the years of German occupation many members of her family were

murdered in the killing fields of Iwje. She survived along with her parents, her sister and

her cousin, who her father saved in the killing fields, and they were transferred to the Lida

ghetto. Several months later, in the spring of 1943, Tzilas family succeeded in escaping from

the ghetto and reached the family camps of Tuvia Bielski. The family was liberated with the

liberation of the area in the summer of 1944.

After months of wandering through various European countries, Tzila immigrated to

Israel. Tzila enlisted in the army in 1948. There she met her future husband, Shaul Yoffan.

They built their home in the city of Givataim, and had two children, 10 grandchildren and

a great-granddaughter. Over the years Tzila has worked to preserve the memory of the

Holocaust, meeting with teenagers and recounting her experiences during the Holocaust.

She is active in Ezra Dagans Witnesss Theater.

This film is part of the Witnesses and Education series. In this series, survivors recount

their life stories - before, during, and after the Holocaust. Each title is filmed on location

where the events originally transpired. The film was produced by the International School for

Holocaust Studies at Yad Vashem with the cooperation of the Ministry of Public Diplomacy

& Diaspora Affairs, and with the generous support of the Conference on Jewish Material

Claims Against Germany, ICHEIC Humanitarian Fund and Adelson Family Foundation.

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