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Catalog price: $48.00
Site price: $36.00
Last Letters from the Shoah
Edited by Walter Zwi Bacharach
Translator: Batsheva Pomerantz
(2013) ISBN: 978-965-308-431-5, Cat. No. 829
400 pp., hard cover, 16X24 cm.
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These are my last words is a sentence found over and over again in this unique volume of letters written by those who would not survive the Holocaust. The letters were uncovered over 60 years, hoarded by the victims families and friends, and ultimately collected by Yad Vashem. These letters were sent from the ghettos, hidden in cattle cars and train stations, and smuggled out of the concentration camps. They reveal the raw emotions of mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers, trying desperately to tell their story before it is too late. Some believed they might survive and their letters reflect their hopes and aspirations for the future, the anxieties of the present, and the bittersweet memories of the past.
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