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Tin Soldier in a Cardboard Box
A Young Boy in Hiding: Austria-Belgium-France
Ari Livne
Translator: Ora Cummings
(2015) ISBN: 978-965-308-490-2, Cat. No. 886
204 pp., soft cover, 15X23 cm.
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Born in Vienna, Henri`s (Ari Livne) life changed irrevocably when he was eight years old. After escaping with his parents to Belgium and several years of avoiding arrest, Henri was taken in by "Aunt Angele", a local woman living in Nazi occupied Brussels. Henri adopted a false identity as a French-speaking Christian boy. His knack of staying calm under pressure, his acting abilities and his improvisation skills helped him escape from near-fatal traps time and again. With psychological depth and unrelenting tension, the complex relationship between the author`s adopted and real identities comes to the fore in the descriptions of his daily fight for survival.
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