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Catalog price: $48.00
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Wilhelm Filderman
Memoirs and Diaries, volume 2 1940-1952
Editor: Jean Ancel | Revised and annotated by Leon Volovici and Miriam Caloianu
In association with Tel Aviv University
(2015) ISBN: 978-965-338-075-2, Cat. No. 0752
646 pp., soft cover, 17X24 cm.
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This volume covers 1940-1952, and deals with life under General Antonescus Legionnaire regime and the Iron Guard; Fildermans ongoing correspondence and meetings with leading members of the government; articles in the Romanian press about Filderman; the evacuation of Bessarabia and Bukovina; assistance to Jewish authors and artists; Fildermans deportation to Transnistria and his own internment in the Moghilev camp; his efforts to help Jews emigrate from Romania; and his endeavors to track down his two sons.
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