Endowing a Plaque

Endowing a Plaque

The Australian Friends of Yad Vashem have set aside a section within Yad Vashem's expanded Memorial Cave. The Memorial Cave serves as a means of commemorating victims and survivors of the Shoah. Overlooking the Jerusalem hills, in the heart of the eternal capital of the Jewish people, the Memorial Cave provides a space for reflection and quiet contemplation; for a moment of personal remembrance.

The cost of endowing each 30cm x 30cm plaque is $1,800 USD. (There is an additional charge for endowing larger plaques - please see the AFYV site for further details).

To order your plaque in the Australian section of the Memorial Cave:

1. Enter your payment information or contact AFYV
2. Receive a mockup from Yad Vashem for approval.
3. Once approved and mounted, Yad Vashem will send you a photograph of the finished plaque.
Please contact AFYV to assist with wording.

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