You may be surprised to hear that only one third of Yad Vashem’s funding comes from the State of Israel: that means that 65% of Yad Vashem’s annual budget is dependent on donations.

Because we believe that Yad Vashem should be accessible to everyone, visitors are not charged an entrance fee. We therefore need your support to keep the doors of the Holocaust History Museum and all the other sites on the Yad Vashem campus open to the public, so they can view the unique displays and experience the distinct atmosphere on the Mount of Remembrance.

We need your support to enable students and educators from Israel and around the world to participate in seminars at our International School for Holocaust Studies. They are the future guardians of the memory of the Shoah, our ambassadors for the generations to come.

We need your support to continue the development of the Yad Vashem website as the most comprehensive source of Holocaust information in the world. We need your support to help make the Yad Vashem Archives collection available online so students, teachers and historians can have access to our unrivalled wealth of original documentation.

We need your support in order to remain the unifying symbol for Jewish continuity and universal tolerance, and as a beacon of warning against antisemitism, hatred and genocide worldwide.

The responsibility of remembering the Six Million Jews murdered in the Holocaust is not on the survivors alone – it needs to be shouldered by us all.

We need your support to help Yad Vashem in its mission: Remember the Past and Shape the Future.